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Send prescriptions securely using OnCall’s e-prescription feature, OnCall Rx, and track medications using one complete solution

How OnCall Rx Works

Track patient prescriptions

OnCall Rx allows you to track patient medication with increased accuracy, and monitor patient drug compliance easily. You'll be able to adjust medication when needed, too.

Whole health profile

By integrating OnCall Rx with patient roster, you can view your patient's whole health profile, including prescription information in one place. You no longer have to toggle between multiple systems.

Effective time management

Digital prescriptions through OnCall Rx help reduce time spent on prescription-centered administrative tasks, like transcription error reconciliation and phone calls due to human error.

With OnCall Rx, providers can securely and accurately prescribe medication using e-fax

OnCall RX - OnCall

OnCall automates key aspects across the patient and provider journey to help ensure patient safety and continuity of care.

OnCall Rx is included in the following plans:

up to 10,000 prescriptions

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