Home Care Case Study: CarePartners Connect

OnCall empowers CarePartners to easily connect providers and patients with CarePartners Connect

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CarePartners prides itself on being an “innovation-first” healthcare organization, always evaluating and examining their care “footprint”. In a COVID-19 and post-pandemic world, this means looking for new ways to improve connections between healthcare providers and patients for better health and accessibility outcomes. To reach this innovation milestone, OnCall partnered with CarePartners to deploy CarePartners Connect in November 2019.

Their goal was to have several hundred Regulated Healthcare Professionals use virtual care to easily connect with patients and other healthcare team members care teams, while supporting wraparound healthcare services for patients. 

With OnCall, CarePartners is able to “wrap a whole team around a patient to provide care.”
By adding virtual care to their “complete care toolkit” CarePartners providers were able to leverage OnCall to connect with patients virtually and schedule in-person, phone, or chat appointments when needed to ensure continuity of care for patients. These features not only enhance the experience for patients but add flexibility and efficiency to the process.
Key Performance Metrics:
  • 220% increase in virtual care appointments scheduled in 10 months
  • 973 appointment between 126 unique providers in 2020
  • Exceeded original goal of 500 virtual appointments in one division by 110%

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