The end-to-end platform for telehealth

Telehealth is more than a video conference call. From booking, care delivery, and follow-up, OnCall powers an end-to-end telehealth experience.


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An end-to-end experience

From intake to patient management, our end-to-end platform allows you to centralize your telehealth operations in a single, connected solution to save costs for your organization. 

Enhance patient relationships

Expand your in-person operations by going digital with a branded telemedicine solution to boost patient accessibility, increase patient touchpoints, and build patient trust.

Improve reach and efficiency

Amplify your reach with an accessible telehealth solution that includes HIPPA compliant video conferencing, provider and admin workflow automations and 24/7 support.

Break down technology barriers

Using OnCall’s API, you can easily integrate your existing systems to prevent duplication of effort, and streamline the patient-provider experience.

Our customers speak for themselves

“OnCall has helped Pyramid provide virtual therapy to more patients by removing geographic limitations. We can now take our high quality services and deliver them in other states, which resulted in a 998% growth in appointments.”

Matt Hosband, Vice President of Marketing, Pyramid Healthcare