Behavioral Health and Addictions care

Expand programs with an end-to-end solution

Unlike a video conferencing solution, OnCall’s white-label telehealth platform offers a full-suite of virtual care tools to support your clients and staff through admission, program delivery, and aftercare.

Power a complete virtual care experience

Grow outpatient and aftercare programs

Configure and grow your programming under a single solution by structuring automations, rules and appointment types according to different program requirements and client needs.

Maximize efficiency with tools that save time

Instead of using disconnected technology to deliver piecemeal virtual care, your team leverages a single solution that automates the entire virtual care workflow with tools like appointment reminders, informed consent, and digital files & forms.

Improve client outcomes with a white-label experience

Improve client outcomes with a fully branded experience, including white-label web and mobile apps that make it easy for clients to enroll and participate in your outpatient, aftercare or mental health programs.

Support program delivery with content tools

Support clients through their treatment by delivering digital content, with configurable files and forms that can be used for intake, post session homework assignments, and ongoing care.

Deliver end-to-end treatment programs

Booking & Admission

Increase program enrollment through a digital booking experience that streamlines the admissions process and improves client engagement.

Program Onboarding

Kick-start programs with automated onboarding onto your branded mobile and web apps to ensure clients are ready for your programming.

Program Delivery

Deliver virtual care through a compliant and automated solution that enables you to manage configurable programs at scale.

Measurement &
Continuing Care

Use data to analyze results and launch new programming under a single, unified solution to increase growth.

Scale your virtual treatment programs today

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