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We provide the technology and expert support to help you rapidly launch and grow your telehealth startup.

Launch quickly and efficiently

Rapidly launch mobile and web apps in under 30 days, with development resources and expert support to kick-start your business.

Grow your business

Scale your startup with a unified end-to-end platform that includes automations, 24/7 tech support and workflow configurability so you can expand your operations and customer base.

See immediate returns

Reach patients with a branded solution that’s easily recognizable in the app store and online, and make patient acquisition and billing easy so you start generating revenue quickly.

Integrate with your technology

Build a flexible tech stack that stays connected as you grow, including integrating your technology via our API to help eliminate data redundancy and make providers more efficient.

Powering healthcare innovation for startups

Therapy Apps

Launch an easy to use online therapy app that keeps providers and patients connected by offering a patient-first experience.

Health Apps

Launch an accessible, employee targeted solution to boost employee engagement, and track analytics per employee.

Telemedicine Marketplace

With patient provider matching, patients can find the right provider, receive care quickly, and pay without hassle all in one solution.


Launching a new virtual-only mental healthcare app

With over 998% growth in virtual appointments scheduling, Pyramid quickly launched a trusted telemedicine platform that helped them develop new revenue streams and increase patient acquisition. Over 95% of patients are satisfied with Pyramid’s telemedicine program and will continue to engage with telemedicine.

“OnCall helped Pyramid grow our business with telemedicine, recognizing that we can take our high quality services and deliver them across state lines.”

Matt Hosband, Vice President of Marketing

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